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Its a broadsheet type newspaper published in London and distributed all over the world.

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The Independent was awarded “Newspaper of the year” in 2004.

The Independent covers news from all over the world but this newspaper pay more intention to entertainment and sports news. The Sunday Times London Newspaper The Sunday Times is a sister paper of The Times newspapers listed above.

Four years later Novaković sold the press and the rights to the University Press of Budapest. In 1788, the editor of the Journal was the official reporter of the ratification of the United States Constitution by New York in that year.

The paper also served as a launching point of stories during the Franklin D. Its proprietors were Francis Gladwin, an East India Company Officer until January 1787 and Arthur Muir, Herbert Harrington and Edmond Morris afterwards.

The Guardian was a local news paper as shown by its old name which used to cover only Manchester related news.

But now The Guardian is one of the most popular British newspapers which have international presence.

In a recent study 23% of Londoners claimed that their favourite romantic story was Pride and Prejudice — ultimately a classic tale of the trials and tribulations of trying to find the right match.

Dating in London never gets boring with its endless source of exciting events, bars, restaurants and attractions.

The Sunday Times is published by Times media group on every Sunday morning.

The Sunday Times was found in 1821 in London, United Kingdom. Daily Mail – London Newspapers and Magazines Daily Mail is another popular newspaper in UK, it was founded in 1896 and its sister newspaper is The Mail On Sunday. Metro Newspaper Metro is another popular newspaper in London.

The Daily Telegraph covers every type of news including politics, fashion, sports, business and finance. The Times – List Of London Newspapers Here is The Times newspaper in this list of London newspapers, its operated and published by the Times newspapers limited.