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As of 1.3.16, the disability pension is paid from the 31st day of determining the level of incapacity to people who meets two conditions: He or she were determined a medical disability rate of 70%, or at least 40% for a mental or emotional disability.He or she were determined a 100% incapacity level for at least six months.However, in cases where a qualified doctor determines that the entitled person is unable - because of the disability - to use the pension for his/her own benefit or for that of Spouse of an Israeli resident, whose income is up to 57% the average wage and child of an insured person (including foster and adopted child) up to age 18; if completing his studies at a post-elementary educational institution or if in a pre-military framework – up to age 20; if a volunteer in a year of service – up to age 21,unless enlists in the IDF immediately following his volunteer service – with no age limit; if serving in the IDF, except for the permanent army – up to age 22,,but for not longer than until the end of 36 months of service; a girl in the voluntary National Service and a person who postpones his military service due to studies – up to age 22., the pension is paid (wholely or in part), to whomever the NII appoints as the recipient of the pension (the pension is paid into the bank account of that person).

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During this period, the claimant will not receive an addition for a spouse or child.Those eligible to that addition will receive it beginning the 91st day.Veterans' preference applies, to virtually all new appointments in both the competitive and excepted service.Veterans' preference does not guarantee veterans a job and it does not apply to internal agency actions such as promotions, transfers, reassignments and reinstatements. In accordance with title 5, United States Code, Section 2108 ( ) , Veterans' preference eligibility is based on dates of active duty service, receipt of a campaign badge, Purple Heart, or a service-connected disability.Method of payment: A person who meets these conditions will receive retroactive payment for the 31st day and on, after the 91st day of determining the level of incapacity.

Sum of payment: For the period between the 31st and 90th day a claimant will receive a disability pension of and an additional monthly pension based on his or her level of medical disability.At the request of the spouse, the increment for that spouse is paid directly to him or her.The disability pension is usually paid on the 28th of the month for that month.The National Insurance Institute claims officer decides whether the insured is “disabled” or a “disabled housewife” and establishes the degree of incapacity after consulting with a certified physician and a rehabilitation officer of the National Insurance Institute.The possible degrees of incapacity are 60%, 65%, 74% and 100%.Please note, a person eligible to an attendance allowance for the same period will receive the pension or allowance that is higher.