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You're willing to have fun and just see where it goes." Fuchsia:"With its undertones of purple, you've gone for a regal hue that conveys an image of sophistication and uniqueness.

This shade also suggests enlightenment and creativity, so you're expecting some stimulating conversation, someone out of the ordinary, and your date had better deliver."Bare Lips: "You have a no-nonsense approach, don't want to play games or get off on the wrong foot.

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That means that you will say “no” to a lot of dudes. When I learned that rejection is a beneficial (and time saving) tool for dating, everything changed. Image by Kate Pulley The problem with most people re-entering the dating scene after a breakup is they immediately start lining up one-on-one romantic dates.

Their friends and family tell them to “get out there” and go for it.

There are a billion reasons that they might not have reacted the way you were expecting them to, or wanted them to.

But here’s where I have to get a little tough love on my clients – that person doesn’t OWE you anything.

It's a color that says you're strong but take a while to get to know you, so your date needs to be patient." Coral:"You are approaching the date with enthusiasm, playfulness and the right amount of balance.

You want to be noticed, know where you are going and may be in a hurry to get there.Even those who have fully recovered from heart break never allow themselves the time to recalibrate what they want/need from someone and end up getting into the same relationships or fall into the same patterns that caused problems in the past.I tell my clients for the first few months to STOP DATING. go out and meet as many people as you can, especially single men.In reality, those moments of heartbreak don’t even register with the person delivering the rejection.They didn’t realize they were blowing you off, they were waiting for a friend, are already in a relationship or are really freaking shy.(Glossy Gloss #01 Clear or Ultra Shine #01 Totally lucid).