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As much as I could understand why some parents might choose to do so, I couldn’t picture making that choice myself.Of course, my child’s safety and comfort are the most important things to me, but she’s such a big part of my day-to-day life that, strange as it seems, I had a hard time picturing myself dating her.

I did warn him about the possibility of spontaneous lactation, and he laughed, but I noticed him avoiding my boobs like they might explode on impact for the rest of the occasion.

I also found it pretty hard to relax, as I was in a full vagina-fart panic mode pretty much the whole time.

I finally heard from someone I was actually interested in.

Let's call him Adam, and even though I wasn’t sure I really wanted to date another cisgender man, he was super nice and very cute (and was playing a guitar in his profile picture, because despite all of the lessons I should’ve been learning over the years, I still date musicians exactly 100 percent of the time).

He was from another small town about 120 miles away, which was pretty good considering most of the others were no less than a five-hour drive —not exactly convenient when you have an infant.

Adam and I seemed to really hit it off (as much as you can hit it off with someone you’ve only texted/talked to on the phone), and I tried to keep myself from going full-on teenager, although if I’m being honest, I did.To be honest, he could have done just about anything and I still would have slept with him.Not because he was the most irresistible person in the world, but because I felt so disconnected from myself as a sexual being that I yearned to feel close to that part of myself again. It was probably as good as first-time awkward sex can be.Not many people go into a pregnancy thinking, “OK, how is this going to affect my ability to get a date?” but I was single, and although I didn’t have any plans to date while I was busying creating another human, I knew that at some point in the future, I’d be a single mom who'd want romance in my life again. ” I told myself, even though I didn’t have the emotional energy to think about it much more beyond that.I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere with a population of around 8,000, and that population skews significantly older and less liberal than me.