Kaley cuoco dating johnny padelecki

Inside, she sets the record straight about her rumored romance with co-star Johnny Galecki and also reflects on her divorce from Ryan Sweeting. Kaley opened up about her close connection to her costar when she told the mag: “Johnny and I are very close now, but the worst part about that is I don’t want stories like that, especially during this divorce, to hurt my ex. Johnny and I do this thing like a nod that says, ‘I got you. I get it.’” She also opened up about how her divorce.

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“[What happened] changes the way I look at marriage, and that makes me sad.

I’m waking up going, Oh my god, my life just flipped upside down,” she said.

It doesn’t help that Johnny and Kaley did secretly date in the past and didn’t even reveal their relationship until it ended in 2009.

The “Big Bang Theory” stars insisted that they kept their real-life love under wraps because they didn’t want it to ruin the hit CBS show with talk of their personal lives.

“First of all, that’s one of my favorite Leonard lines ever, ‘I know I propose a lot,’ Galecki said in the video below.

“His solution is to say, ‘I’m not gonna ask, I’m gonna take my desires out of the equation’…which I thought was really beautiful.” “I loved that scene, Galecki said.

And not because I'm trying to be enigmatic; I just worry that it will conflict with people's acceptance of Leonard and Penny.

I get the curiosity, but I don't want to distract from the story." Cuoco first revealed their relationship to together. It was such a huge part of my life and no one knew about it," Cuoco told the magazine.

I get equal pay to my male costars on a big show, I have my own home, I’m as independent as you could possibly be,” she said.

In this video, the actors dish on how heartwarming they felt this moment was.

"They’re taking things slow because Kaley doesn’t want to ruin their friendship if things don’t work out again.