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(How can a boy with highlights call himself low-maintenance?

Could you be the Bat-Mitzvahed girl he’s been praying for?

On his profile, Jesse, aka Jbagel07, breaks out of his boy band image and says he likes to barbecue, golf, go wine tasting, and considers himself low-maintenance.

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As Jesse Mc Cartney prepares to release his new album ‘Departure’ on May 20th, the singer tells In Touch magazine that following his split with Katie Cassidy, he’s joined the Jewish dating site

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The pop teen sensation has signed up to dating site to look for the right girl.

The 20-year-old singer, who is currently single after breaking up with actress Katie Cassidy, admits he had signed up on the Jewish dating site even though he is not Jewish.

“One of my best buddies is a conservative Jew and his sister had met her boyfriend on JDate,” he explains to In Touch. He was like, ‘You should try JDate.’ There are a lot of different people of all religious backgrounds on that site.

My screen name is jbagel07 and a lot of people see the pictures of me and say, ‘Who are you? ’ And I say, ‘It’s me — I just decided to meet somebody online.’ And they’re still like, ‘Why are you doing it?

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