Is vanessa marcil dating jillian michaels

personal trainer Jillian Michaels is hooking up with actress Vanessa Marcil. The two are said to be "very close" and have reportedly been hooking up for some time now. On a side note, Marcil has a 7-year-old son with actor Brian Austin Green and was even married to Corey Feldman for about four years back in the early '90s. Moving towards her personal life then after two divorce she is more sensitive in her relationship life.

At a very early age before giving birth to baby and before marring to Carmine she was formerly married to Corey Feldman in 1989 and the couple got divorced in 1993.They broke the relationship now Corey is married to Megan Fox.Then couple got married in 2010, after few months couple announced that they are expecting a baby, but in the end of 2011, couple declared that Vanessa had a miscarriage in the same year for two times.After the marriage she preferred to be called with her full married name i.e. Right after the next year SHE asked for the divorce by mentioning that both having begun it but not yet completed due to multiple differences. Carmine reported that right before the marriage, Vanessa cheated him.Yes, the guy from most recently seen having his name tattooed onto the nether regions of his on-and-off lady friend, Megan Fox. Yes, it was a million years ago in the '80s, because Vanessa is, very surprisingly, 42, but still? And it took us until just now to remember that Corey is the one who's still alive. She is getting married in April and I am her Maid of Honor. Sorry to disappoint." Syphilis From Facebook And 6 More Silly Sex Myths Well, damn.

According to Extra, Vanessa and Jillian became "very close" after getting all sweaty and skinny together. Lost Boy Corey Haim's Grieving Ex-Girlfriends Jillian took to her Facebook yesterday to deny the rumor. We were hoping to close out a dispiriting ten days of celebrity gossip with some happy lesbians. Vanessa’s family is still residing in Indio but her parents got separated.At a very young she started taking interest in acting.Yet, in recent years, vendors have been victims of New York’s aggressive “quality of life” crackdown. Many streets have been closed to them at the urging of powerful business groups.They receive exorbitant tickets for minor violations like vending too close to a crosswalk — more than any big businesses are required to pay for similar violations.Soon they will reveal whole things about this relation.