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The Defendant argued the Plaintiff was solely at fault for the incident.

Madam Justice Griffin disagreed and found the defendant fully responsible.

Reasons for judgement were released earlier this week demonstrating liability after a motorist intimidated a cyclist who subsequently crashed. The truck’s owner heard this, jumped in his vehicle and drove after the cyclists to confront them.

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He advises that motorists can choose not to let it rile them “and instead deal with the situation in a positive way, such as concentrating on driving safely yourself or realising that everyone makes mistakes”.

What's your character concept, other than the race and class choice you've given us to work with ? I'd choose different rage abilities too, to get Intimidating Glare. A barbarian can be a tolerable tank, matching and even surpassing Paladins and Combat-Clerics in some cases. Keep a Falchion for all the normal enemies, but against non-crittable critters and the occasional 'loss of a head doesn't really stop it', might pay to grab yourself a nice heavy weapon weapon like a Warhammer or Heavy Pick (or Maul and Dire Pick, if the GM will allow it)as your secondary weapon.

He said the company is urging drivers to consider using more courtesy while driving, “not only to improve safety and the driving experience but also because showing consideration to others on the roads actually eases congestion and reduces delays”.

The survey also showed: When driving, we are prevented from using the normal cues to work out people’s intentions, such as facial expression and body language, so we are more likely to misunderstand their behaviour and interpret it in a negative way.

In reaching this conclusion the Court provided the following reasons: [167] As for whether Mr.

Elston’s conduct was negligent, I find that the defendant fell below the standard of care of a reasonable and prudent driver, in driving alongside the two cyclists and yelling at them, while so close to the bike lane that it made it intimidating, threatening and unsafe for the cyclists; and then in addition in pulling away quickly, without warning, with Mr. [169] No matter how aggravating a cyclist’s behaviour might be, and I find there was nothing aggravating about the Davies’ conduct, a driver of a motor vehicle can never be justified in deliberately using a motor vehicle to confront a cyclist who is riding a bike.

Cover your weak will save with the faith trait "Indomitable Faith" for a 1 trait bonus to will saves.

Feats: Toughness, Weapon Focus, Dazzling Display, Intimidating Prowess, Power Attack, Improved Crit Toughness will help this character live through low levels.

Blargh I'm rambling, time for another shower and to go back to bed. Personally I'd trade out great cleave and dodge for improved bull rush and greater bull rush.

The best rage abilities a barbarian gets are the one that lets him trade an attack for a bull rush attempt and the one that lets him take an Ao O when someone steps into a threatened square, thereby never having to soak a full attack at later levels.

NEW FIGURES ON road rage in Ireland suggest that it is not an unusual experience for drivers.