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A Martingale collar is a hybrid of a flat collar and a slip/choke chain. When the leash is attached to the ring, the chain slips (adjusts) tighter when pulled and slips looser when tension is released.

Any prolonged pressure can have negative effects on a dog.

These collars may look intimidating, though they can actually be effective for using on “neck insensitive dogs”.

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When he pulls, this strap tightens and tugs his head down, and the neck strap puts pressure on the back of his neck, rather than the front, which can be much safer.

There are many types of harnesses, but these are actually not collars because they go around the body rather than the neck.With proper use of a choke collar, a dog can be “corrected” from tugging or pulling at a leash.However, this should only be done in a single short tug on the leash, tightening the collar for a brief amount of time.As a safety precaution, many people choose to use break-away collars for their dogs.These collars include a feature that allows the collar to break away if it becomes caught on something (such as a metal chain-link fence). However, these collars may still be used for training, since the break-away function won’t enable if the collar is hooked to a leash through two of its attaching loops.A buckle dog collar is the most common type of collar that many people use for their dogs.