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In turn, the child becomes the confidant or emotional spouse of a same- sex or opposite sex parent.

Strong over-identification by a parent of the child in the way of adulation, over affection and special attention is a subtle twist on the dynamic and as we can begin to see, no less destructive.

By contrast, overt sexual abuse speaks to the direct sexual contact and exploitation of a dependent person/victim by caregivers or authority figures.

A child, in these circumstances often feels trapped and used.

I’m suffocating and my girlfriend is making demands of me; demands that I’m not prepared to meet.” Adam was correct and he certainly was on to something as he acknowledged that the relationship only acted as summoner for his angst.

Nonetheless, as a result of being in a relationship Adam was experiencing heightened [emotional and relational] distress and anxiety.

” “If I did a good job at school or got good grades at school my dad was happy.

Other than that I didn’t get much more from him because he was busy working.

What I experienced is nothing like the stories you read. I was loved and I was given everything that I needed but I wasn’t spoiled.

I had no problems in school.”“What did you do to gain your parent’s approval?

There are many areas of relational distress that warrant close scrutiny and certainly many more relational issues that bring individuals and couples to seek therapy.