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Remember, this can be as hard for him as it is for you.

There is no need to parade the poor guy around like a show pony for all to pass judgment.

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Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash was the first rocker to mourn the loss in a post on his page.He tweeted, "The news of Jim Marshall passing is deeply saddening.So when the first 20 minutes seemed like endless innuendos about "cracks", it wasn't quite so naive as earlier series. Everyone's always worried that Paul and Mary (and Mel & Sue) know exactly what they're doing and how to do it well by now - whether that be disapproving glances, dubbing lovely Ian's madeira cake "wallpaper paste", or jolly puns.New hopeful Ugne delivered her smutty lines with a giggle because she knew what she was doing; we expect this cheekiness now, so it doesn't take us by surprise and there's even a hint of cynicism in it. And this year's batch of contestants seem like a good bunch of characters, too; hipster-haters will presumably be pleased that trilby-sporting Stu was the first one to leave the tent (even if he won us over somewhat by yelling at one particularly stressful moment: "Holy shenanigans!Seven girls perched round a kitchen table drinking tea is enough to terrify the Calvins off any bloke. Although I think meeting them one at a time, like an interview, is much harder.

There is an argument for taking him to a big party, so that he can flit around and have small snippets of conversation with all your friends. If you dumped him, the situation should be relatively easy to handle.Although one of us is married with a baby and the other has just got engaged, we haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be on the dating scene, to have our hearts broken and our confidence shaken. I wanted moody cool boys who wore black – the wretched artist who liked music, poetry and all that c***.Having walked around the relationship block more times than either of us cares to mention, this much we know…There are six nice boys sitting in a row – and one who should have a government health warning stamped on his forehead. Once you’re over 25, hopefully you’ve learnt to love yourself a bit more and decided that you are too good for the lot of them. This sort of situation only ever ends in tears, and usually yours.Of course, unlike Bingate, Dorret survived the week - possibly because she took a lesson from Iain and presented her soggy showstopper instead of chucking it in the bin (though she looked close to doing so).In an attempt to avoid a repeat, though, host Sue Perkins was there to offer reassurance and words of wisdom: "It's just a cake." is affectionate and well-meaning and some of the biggest drama comes from waiting to find out whether or not someone has managed to caramelise their walnuts in time or how the judges will react to Nadiya failing to completely ice her cake.Even if you It’s amazing how many of these guys come crawling out of the woodwork.