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All that cheerful consignment to Hell of those with whom he disagreed!

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There's a chance that I shall one day enjoy again his travel-cum-autobiographical books, such as The Path to Rome, The Four Men and, best of the lot, The Cruise of the Nona.

I can still read his history of Paris, written in 1900, and in its way unsurpassed.

PULSE is a project employing health promotion methods and ethnography to create an exhibition and community outreach activities at Danish Science Center Experimentarium.

A central ambition of PULSE has been to involve disadvantaged groups in the design process.

Belloc, the apologist for what he called "The Faith", has vanished. But the creator of Matilda, Rebecca, Godolphin Horne, Lord Lucky and the others is a companion for life.

What animates the verses, especially the incomparable ones about the peers, is the magic combination of love-hate that so often produces great art.However, how to recruit non-users to participate in the development of health promoting activities when it presents a challenge to get them inside the science centre, and get access to their local community?The project has run for 5 years, and invaluable lessons have been learned about how to engage non-users - and how not go about it!It is something to be immortal, and thanks to these rhymes, Hilaire Belloc is.According to an arrest report cited by the Orlando Sentinel, during the robbery Hilarie 'was begging for his life' and made no attempt to resist his assailants.Waugh's diary records: "He looked hard at Laura and said, 'You are very like your mother, are you not? Writers seldom know who their friends are - and by that, I don't mean their outward human friends, though this is also the case, but their inner demons.