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Heechul almost wants him to come back and take Siwon away, because he doesn't quite trust his hands or his mouth right now."I thought we could go see a film and maybe go for something to eat afterwards," and it was said so casually that Heechul (who was, after all, still in a bit of a daze) didn't feel like he knew how to refuse (well, he did, but Siwon was still in his stage make-up and that does funny things to the best of people).Actually, he came onto to Siwon, but he flirts with everyone and Siwon should have really known better than to flirt back. Kibum ignores him and pointedly talks to Donghae instead. Except he remembers, when he decides that, that tonight is a group performance and he can't let Siwon go on stage with a broken heart.So he vows to do it after, and he avoids Siwon like he's got the plague.He's my friend, and you're going to destroy him.""I know." Heechul glares at him. " Hankyung asks with a vague wave of the hands and a blank expression.

"I didn't understand that."Heechul knows that, really, if he killed Hankyung in his sleep, he'd actually be doing the whole world a favour, and many other members of the band would thank him for it.

He can’t even remember the performance, a blur of screaming girls and too-bright lights.

Afterwards he grabs Siwon with one hand and pulls him into the nearest cupboard.

"I might fall asleep otherwise."Heechul doesn't give any indication that he's heard: he merely turns over.

Suddenly he's very uncomfortable and cold, and he suspects that it's because Siwon has left the bed (it was, after all, very warm when Siwon was here). Why should he have to suffer just because Siwon has to go?

Siwon switches on the light to look for something else, possibly his t-shirt that Heechul threw to the other side of the room around two hours earlier. He is obviously too tired to put up with any of this and he's forgotten what it was that he was supposed to do, and only knows that it was important. There really wouldn’t be any point in doing it when Siwon is asleep."It's not as though you're dating or anything," says Hankyung, in a tone of voice which says quite clearly that he knows that he's got the moral high ground here, because he's not in a sexual relationship with a younger man who's about to get his heart broken."I know," says Heechul."I just don't know why you started this thing anyway," continues Hankyung.