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We started to talk about his dating life and how it was non-existent.Of course, I couldn't resist asking, "Why the hell are you single?

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I am a single attractive black man I am 5'7" brown skin brown eyes 35 yrs old. Come find out what a true romantic..person and You'll feel comfortable with yourself . You'll make yourself happier by not pretending to be something you're not . Very active and love anything in or near the water. I like your pants around your feet And I like the dirt that's on your knees And I like the way you still say please While you're looking up at me You're like my favourite damn disease And I love the places that we go And I love the people tha...i like go out and getting to know someone be for i do anything with them if u know what i am talk about i like go out and have fun i think it would be nice for a guy to tack me out some where nice not a fast food just looking around. I am new to the area and will be traveling between Alabama and Virginia. Southern girl with good sense of humor who strives on making at least one person smile or laugh...i am in the guard i like to anything outdoors i am going to school to work on airplanes i am a military police if you want to know anything just ask must love kids why do you always have to fill this stupid things out i am done f... I am a single father who is looking for a beautiful single woman who can bring back the fire in my heart. You'll know if people like you for the real you :) - I am athletic. I've got a Harley and enjoy motorcycle trips to the beach or to the mountains. I like the outdoors as well as inside watching tv with a glass of wine. I would like to find people to chat with and if possible meet offline. " He was handsome, has great manners and genuinely seemed like he wanted something long-term. He was so reluctant to tell me why but eventually, he laid it all out on the table.Mark is a openly gay man and the proud father of a 17-year-old.I also have a few close friends who happen to be fathers and they all seem to share the same harsh idea that gay men do not want the responsibility of another man's kids. Some guys aren't really looking for something long-term.

Others may be interested, but are intimidated by the idea that this is going to be a package deal.

Release dates are not set, but features and modules have been defined, and development has started.

We’re developing in modules, and gathering the modules into a gantt-module.

Current modules which are started on include: - grid-axis (for making axes into a grid, and detailed datetime axis in a classic grid-like structure) - xrange (based on the study posted above, but including partially filled points, for indication of progress per task) - gantt (simply gathers above modules, will add a more gantt-friendly and set default options) A demo of the current progress using the gantt-module can be viewed and played with here: are currently working on Gantt charts, including the following features: ​- Tasks (Activities) with task name, start- and end-dates ​- Milestones ​- Dependencies ​- Multiple tasks on a single y-value (X-range study: - Subtasks: Treegrid for grouping tasks (unlimited levels) - Indicator for current date - Indicator for progress per task - Detailed datetime axis: Classic Gantt date axis, e.g.

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This isn't the first time I have had this conversation regarding gay men with children.