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Welcome to the meeting place of the internet's oldest, largest and most active community of owners and enthusiasts of classic De Tomaso automobiles.

Alejandro's father passed away when he was only 5 years old; as a consequence he grew up on a large estate belonging to his mother's family.

The logo De Tomaso chose for his automobile company was a tribute to his beloved home country of Argentina and his family heritage.

Although Ford’s interest in the Pantera had ended, its beauty and performance had earned the car throngs of admirers around the world; De Tomaso continued selling their iconic sports car in Europe and other international markets for another two decades.

The Pantera's reputation as one of the most bad-ass car ever assembled endures to this day, 19 years after the last Pantera was constructed.

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The more people participate, the greater these forums serve as a resource for everyone. Ownership of a De Tomaso automobile is not required.

The Pantera's monocoque uni-body combined captivating coachwork designed by Ghia (Tjaarda) and a mid-engine chassis designed by De Tomaso (Dallara).

The Pantera had the qualities of both an Italian sports car and a muscle car, it was beautiful and at the same time brutish. They officially went on sale in North America and Europe in the spring of 1971.

The blue and white stripes of the logo's background are the colors of the national flag of Argentina.