Dork dating site

If you accept anyone who'll self identify as a “geek”, your membership might grow broad enough to be sustainable, but they'll all be scattered along a spectrum that looks something like this:poseur geek hardcore geek To more directly answer your main question: There are already sites focused on a "geek" demographic.The online dating landscape continues to fragment, so there seems to be a site or three for every subculture, religion, or any other social division you can put a name to.These are clearly great subjects to know and discuss, but they aren't diverse enough to make you a good topical conversationalist on their own.

Full disclosure, I am the founder of Project Dragon Fruit, so I'm totally biased.

We are trying to make the best dating platform for geeks as we can! The idea is this: everybody, not just geeks, want to connect to others on a personal level where the other person shares their interest.

If you join now, you will get early access to new features for free, including the Virtual Assistant and Geek Dar.

Help us make this as good as it can be, for you, the wonderful geeky community.

If you're not happy with that, you can expand your social circle to find people who enjoy discussing other things, or you could cultivate some personal engagement in things that interest the people around you. But I like progress in science, the universe, computers, robotics, AI, programming.

All fascinating topics (for which I share your enthusiasm), but they fall within a very narrow area on the comparatively broad tapestry of human interests and endeavours.No woman ever said, “I really like him, but he's just too interesting to talk to.I'm going to break up with him.” I was thinking about starting a dating site for geeks only, do you think it could be successful?There are plenty of girls who love to chat about more intellectual topics, and there are also plenty of geeky men with great romantic lives.Being a geek is not, in itself, going to keep you from getting a girlfriend..This is good in one sense, because more sites means more competition to attract and retain users; if you have half an idea what you're doing as a user, you can get a fantastic amount of value out of these sites for next to nothing.