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The answer to those questions might be ‘no,’ ‘no’ and ‘not very,’ and if that’s the case then Sony’s high horsepower system might not make the most sense for you, especially if you’re upgrading from an original PS4.

Whether or not the new console will offer benefits for you will vary depending on whether you already own a PS4 system.

The downside is that not all of it will be native 4K, but Sony has also baked in a number of clever upscaling technologies to the new console to act as a stopgap. The answer to that question will depend entirely on what kind of TV you own.

And for that reason, if you haven’t purchased a Play Station 4 already, the Play Station 4 Pro is an excellent all-around system.If you have purchased the Play Station 4 already, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions before buying Sony’s new wares: Will you buy a 4K TV sometime in the next few years? How important do you find higher framerates and 500GB of extra storage?I guess I figured someone went up there and grabbed it? If you cannot download the software update on your PS4 directly, there is a way to do it with a USB key.But in the upcoming 4.50 software, Sony is finally adding the ability to simply plug in a USB 3.0 hard drive to instantly get more space, and will support hard drives up to 8TB.

Content installed on the external drive will show up in the Play Station 4 software alongside anything on the internal drive.When director Jovanka Vuckovic introduced XX at its Sundance premiere, she made the origins of the project clear.A horror anthology that brings together installments from four female directors, Vuckovic said it was created “directly in response...Buying a PS4 Pro is an easy decision for newcomers to the world of Play Station, Play Station VR neophytes and 4K HDR TV owners.For everyone else, though, there’s a chance the Pro’s benefits aren’t worth the extra cost.Copy the update data to the PS3™ system's hard disk drive and perform the update.