Demilovato and sterling knight dating dating epiphone basses

Why Sterling and Demy been together, why , i dont understand such a nice couple, never been together, something is missing in there, but if he has a gf now, so he must be happy, and Demi, i think Demi maybe was in love with more popular actors, remenber guys she was the star,and he the co star, but always stars want go further hello guys don't judge him hardly maybe she is not a beauty queen but she might have good soul or a fanny i believe he is right ,whats the point of there beauty with no soul ,and this is his personal life no one have the right to judge it but pleas stop hello everyone ,sterling night is very talent when it comes to singing i dont know why he just hiding that , and if i meet sterling i will say to him dont waist that talent and use it on your free time ,most boys does not have that such a beautiful voice u have i have listen to all your song and all of them are very touching when u know what they really mean so congratulation. I don't wanna be mean or anything but I like Demi and Sterling together because they look perfect for each other.

And anyways Sterling is NOT old for Demi because Sterling is 24 and Demi is 20.. I'm still disappointed about no more Sonny with a Chance because she didn't want her body to be seen on camera..

So anywho, this is a multi-chapter that I wrote myself.

" I said in my high-pitched voice."*scoffs* FINE, but the ONLY reason I'm going is I have a new swim suit I've been dying to try out! ""Jeez Sonny, whatever happened to a simple, "Oh hey Chad," or a "Hello! i just don't want to hate on a person for making someone else happy, you know? I am best friends with her cousins and she is the nicest person ever!And yall dont even know her so how can yall say all of these bad things about her without knowing her. The live show is tomorrow, so I'm giving you all the day off.

I walked into the prop house where I saw him and the rest of my cast standing."Ok," he started. You've all worked very hard and haven't complained.

If they never get together, they both deserve to be happy and if someone else makes them happy, shouldn't that be number one?

I want them to both be happy, with or without each other - and I say this as a Stemi fan. It does NOT matter who they're dating it matters if they are happy or not. Whatever they say is pretty much cyberbullying on here. Hey yall please stop saying mean things about Stephanie!

I have to make sure we start our fungenda on time.""A fungenda?

" I said as I grabbed my beach bag and walked out the door. I have a lot planned for this story, I'm really excited.

Knight made his film debut in 17 Again playing Alex O'Donnell, Matthew Perry/Zac Efron's son.