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Robbin hints, “They have a very Sam-and-Diane relationship.” Note to kids” That means yes.-Jennifer Armstrong So cute! He did Say she was his Sonny and that Demi was the Perfect Girl for him… It says they’ve flirted alot during and after the Shoot of SWAC. So I think they make an alrite couple, and their is nothing wrong with age difference, I didn’t hear anyone complain about miley dating her 20 year old boyfriend, and she was only 16!?? If two people like each other than leave them alone..

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I have been bullied a ton, and by the person I thought was my best friend.

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly (1.23.09) featured a short, but sweet story on the upcoming Disney show, Sonny With A Chance.

Jennifer Armstrong was able to get some more information on the show, and who ends up kissing who on set! The presence of Lovato-a name brand thanks to her role in the Jonas Brothers’ summer TV-movie smash Camp Rock- adds an extra dimension to such kid-stardom send ups as the fictional gossip blog Tween and a studio-lot rivalry between So Random! And she’s ur co-star u guys have lots of chemistry.

and the cast of a teen drama called Mc Kenzie Falls. So i say dump whoever ur seeing now and go for Demi!!

yes they will channy <3Its a maybe because i think on the new sonny with a chance they kiss so see what happens... Which Will Becoming Out June 13 At On Disney Channel No. but they do like each other since in an interview demi said she looked up to sterling as an elder brother to her and she gave many nice compliments on other for sterling it was hinted in many interviews that she is down to earth and professional.

he even admitted that he loves her as a younger sister and that it would be fun if sonny and chad finally kissed!No, but they went out a couple of times as friends. Yes i saw them kiss on the bench in l.a-not r u fucing serious why would a real person date a tv character do u mean sonny ??They are definitaly going out they are always together!!!!!!!!!! then yes DEMI LIKES STERLING KNIGHT AND JOE JONAS I think that Demi Lavoto likes likes sterling knight and Joe Jonas because in all her shows it seems like she like the 1 person that she like She was currently dating Joe Jonas.. I have her REAL Facebook account & she is secretly dating Sterling. Lol just to let yeah there like each other and twice she have kiss him. Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight are not going out but in the show Sonny With a Chance He Asks Sonny Out.“No one knew Camp Rock would explode like it did.” says exec producer Brian Robbins (All That), who cast Lovato a year ago. 😄 demi and sterling are gone out in real life because i read that one of the co stars they work with said taht they are dating in real life but demi is on tour and steling is missing her and she just got invited back for anothre seanson and both of the stars are realy buzzin over that they get to see each other again there is no way sterling n demi r dating. ithink selena gomez is so sexy,she rocks and so did her performance i always loved her since wizards of waverly place you are amazing selena gomez iloveuuuuuuuuuuu. “So it’s interesting to have a star who’s already a star.” But like any loyal Tween reader, we just want to know if Sonny and Mac Kenzie Falls’ dreamy star Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight) will get together. sure he is cute for sum people but i thing he is a really OLD man with all his rinkles. lol smiley face keep rockin on selena I think sterling really is interested in Demi Lovato, in real life… i think Demi and sterling make a cute couple but joe and demi do make a cute couple too dont u think well yes i want demi and sterling to go out but you never know they meant never want or have gone out they meant just be really good friends. Sonny and Chad are way cute together which is why everyone likes the show – seeing their chemistry is interesting for all of us.