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You just have to think about your happiness and the other person's happiness, and communicate really honestly.17: How do you deal with breakups?Do you think you can still be friends with an ex or do you have to cut ties? I have exes I'm friends with and exes I'm not friends with. I do think that sometimes trying to maintain that bond can be healthier than walking away.17: Can you give any hints about what is going to happen between Caleb and Hannah? TB: I can't say a lot about that, but the rollercoaster ride will continue. 17: You work with so many amazing girls on the show.

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It was awesome to be that person to Courtney, the girl I mentored.17: What was your favorite part about mentoring her? She wanted to become an actor and when she came on set, she started to realize what she could have if she stayed focused on her dream.

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Since I’ve decided to join the world of, I’ve actually had three friends that have told me they’d been considering joining it too (one of them already bit the bullet and has gone on three dates with a super cute guy – yay! Probably the most intimidating thing about joining Match is making your profile.