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Your nervous system is programmed to equate approaching women with PAIN.Well, what if I could show you how to “reprogram” yourself so that you look at approaching women in a totally different way?

In this toxic, paranoid environment, women will never be trusted as advisers.They will be frozen out of networks – or, increasingly, create their own women-only networks, which on the surface promise advancement yet deep down increase gender separatism.The book’s author, Kim Elsesser, a research scholar at the University of California, argues that a “sex partition” has sprung up, which impedes women from building the vital network of contacts both within the workplace and socially.And the author should know about tough working environments: she’s a former equities trader at Morgan Stanley.“I want to talk to her, but I have no idea what to say!

” This happens because you’ve conditioned yourself to believe that the most likely outcome when you approach women is FAILURE.

The same guy who doesn’t know how to approach women at work will probably find it equally difficult to walk up to girls at a nightclub.

He’ll tell himself things like: Or, the classic male excuse…

Pretty much every guy I know (including myself) has found themselves in this situation before: there’s a girl you work with, or who works in the same building, and you’d love to be MORE than her “colleague.” You want to ask this girl out and take it to a sexual level!

But you DON’T take action, because you can only imagine the possible NEGATIVE outcomes.

However, we also promised a follow-up piece on Drexel overcame the stifling social difficulties of Asperger’s syndrome and fast proceeded to sleep with over 140 girls.