Dating someone who has bipolar disorder

Squash these feelings of loneliness, bored and love-seeking you have and you’ll begin to respect yourself a lot more.

Don’t be so quick to jump into nothing will ever help you succeed in dating someone with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Both men and women make these mistakes when dating a BPD.These skills can all be learned, however, which is why I am here for By you stumbling across this article, you are already in the process of educating yourself about BPD. I really believe my information is the easiest to digest because it’s all based off of real world experience.You must find that edgy side to you that isn’t afraid to push people around that get up in your grill.I had a client email me about how he would just ignore and be silent on the couch when his BPD girlfriend would yell at him.And it all starts from how we were brought up and what was fed into our mind as a young child.

This is why changing your mindsets is the key to success.

It’s important that you understand that men and women with BPD come from different, usually darker upbringings that you and I.

And while that’s usually pretty obvious to most people, BPD’s are usually insecure about themselves, they worry a lot, they can get anxious and more. But did you know that all of these things can easily be suppressed when you’ve shown yourself to be someone that’s strong, demanding of respect and 100% not amused by the outbursts? I really want you to read my dating a BPD girl article because it has a letter from a BPD woman describing how her husband is great and keeps the relationship calm and fun.

Check this article out: To go a long with what I am saying above, your ideal partner and ‘love’ that you seek is really just a fantasy that you’ve created in your mind over the years.

We all have fantasies but it’s important to not try to make them reality.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then I highly recommend you watch it as soon as you can.