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If you are unsure of a disqualifier contact the Recruiter or Tester in your area.With few exceptions, you have the right to request and be informed about information that the State of Texas collects about you.At Uniform we’re under no illusions as to where the long arm of the law’s power really lies; it’s all in their uniform, of course!

Is it the way the tan broadcloth hugs a donut-filled belly, or the tantalizing way the wide sleeves expose a hint of naughty untanned skin?

No, says Uniform Dating, it's the "softer side." The preference for light colored uniforms in the survey "suggests that as well as power and strength, people value a partner who is warm and easy-going," say the matchmakers.

These roots are reflected in their uniform – from the Lone Star badge on their arms to the Stetsons on their heads, which goes some way to explaining why their uniform gets Uniform Daters so hot under the collar." Especially when they are being collared.

But what is it that makes today's trooper so alluring?

(Reference: Texas Government Code, Sections 522.021, 552.023 and 559.004).

Being a single Texas State Trooper is now more difficult than ever.All applicants must meet the basic requirements for entrance into training for the position of Trooper in the Texas Highway Patrol.Once the applicant has received notification stating their application has been accepted to continue in the application process the applicant should make contact with the Tester in regards to submitting the paperwork.From brass-buttoned blazers and shiny leather riding boots, to cowboy-style holsters and stiff-brimmed Stetsons, America is home to some of the most iconic and may we add lust-inducing cop uniforms in the world. No wonder the Capitol grounds were littered with so many ripped bodices during the abortion protests.But according to Uniform Dating, some uniforms are better than others. In the website's latest survey, 11% of users ranked Texas Troopers the most stylish in the nation, bested only by the New York troops and their steamy grey wool.Trooper Encinia will be fired from the Texas Department of Public Safety.