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Speaking about the payment solution, VP and Managing Director at Datetronix, Aaron Tasci, said after the company implemented the solution with its dating affiliate program, it is “already benefiting all of our affiliates with its monetisation tools, proven top converting offers and integrated payment processing services.“Their API immediately gave us a competitive edge against others, by enabling functionalities and flexibility that were impossible to achieve with payment platforms we have previously worked with.” Jankowiak said its flexible API, in addition to its security features, is the company’s main USP – offering clients complete flexibility depending on their business.Global Dating has published a great article about Securion Pay hitting dating industry like a thunder storm and making a significant impact on its participants. Whether it is excessively high percentages takes by app stores, the lack of seamless one-click transactions or the difficulty of software implementation, there is currently no firm leader when it comes to dating payments. If you talk to most dating providers, they will say that the area of payments is one which is crying out for innovation and refinement.“If a fraudster breaks in, or hacks someone’s website, the credit card information will be useless for him and not available.

It’s a win-win for both merchants and the end users.” In addition to this, Securion Pay wants to help with the fight against fraud and chargebacks – its Token and fraud prevention system letting merchants get information about a fraudulent transaction before things go wrong, letting them refund or cancel a payment to avoid chargebacks.

“This is the perfect partner for companies like ours that are extremely fast growing and require a scalable, international payment platform on which they can rely.” Other positives include the fact that its payment form can be embedded directly into a merchant’s website, so users do not have to be redirected to an external payment form, something Jankowiak says has massively improved conversion rates.

Customers can also click a Remember Me button, so their credit card details are remembered by the system, allowing one-click payments in the future.

We recently caught up with CEO & co-founder Lucas Jankowiak, to ask what the Fin Tech company can offer dating companies looking for a more streamlined payment partner.

With data security obviously the hot topic in the dating industry at the moment, with the devastating hack of Ashley Madison, Jankowiak said Securion Pay’s system was specifically designed with the safety of both sites and users as a top priority.

Jankowiak explained the positives of this: “With a very easy integration and no need to bother with PCI – Securion Pay’s advanced technology makes sure credit card data never hits the merchant’s backend.