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And I third (or fourth or fifth or sixth) what the others said, don't worry about these kinds of questions.

I've peaked at some erotica and "pleasure and pain" often come in the same sentence. Some women may like pain combined with pleasure, some may not.

For the record I think murders and rapist should just be put to death.

You're basically saying that your feeling other things so much, that for you to feel something else it must be really intense.

(if I understand you right)As to respecting me for being a virgin... I personally don't see why sex before marriage would be sinful though because marriage is simply an artificial thing created by humans.

What about something more wholesome, something with blonde braids and swelling bosoms in dirndls and stuff? also: I would hate to be called degrading things, or to call someone else degrading things. Or what if she did the same with your ear-lobes, or maybe ran her fingernails up your spine – not enough to scratch, just enough to sharpen your senses before she returned to caressing you. If so, do you softly and gently massage your penis until eventually you orgasm? easy and then choke the chicken, getting rougher until you orgasm??

The pain and pleasure of making love are the same as the pain and pleasure of loving someone, OP. (I cant believe I even said that.)Because you havent had sex Id say you still think of women as delicate flowers that need tender care?? those lessons need to be learned AFTER youve conquered the first experience.He talks about pain and masochism as "escaping the self".His name is Roy Baumeister and the book is titled "Escaping the Self". Ok, maybe he keeps pain and masochism separate..I can't remember.Or pulled your own hair, or gave your nipple or scrotum a light pinch or squeezed your testicles a little harder than you usually would? But it’s part of sexuality for some people, some more, some less. Perhaps if I was, I would understand it better lol. just learn to get and enjoy vanilla sex're not GOING to understand until you've been there.... But i do agree that he needs to begin with just the basics. Guy's don't feel the pain because there is many pleasure senses that supersede the feeling of pain.Or even tensed your leg muscles until they started to ache. How do you make sense of that or put it into words? But enjoying a little bit of pain mixed with the pleasure of sex isn’t at all unusual. It's like trying to explain color to someone who has never had vision.*blinks Okay... Things youre talking about have to do more along the lines of ..say.... So, you should be looking for those around your age and dating. However, after a good orgasm, most guys will feel sore afterwards. Just from a virgins point of view pleasure and pain going together make about as much sense as fast and slow going together.In fact, sometimes my leg will cramp and I go "leg cramp! have sex or actually doing anythign that involves a lot of sensory input, your senses get a bit overwhelmed.