Dating parents special needs children

Little loving gestures made every day are what thread a successful marriage together.

Let’s face it, unless you’re a “celebrity” single Mom with a dozen hand servants; nannies, cook, chef, housekeeper, to tend to the basic needs of your kids the average working single Mother of “typically” developing children is usually exhausted–most of the time.

“Creating a schedule is so important,” says Schulman.

Now, imagine parenting special needs children — a child that you cannot put down because in a split second he could scale the book cases in your living room or a child who has limited or no verbal skills that you need to monitor at all times for fear that he will bolt out the front door of your house when you’re not watching.“Single Moms with special needs children often want to do everything they can for their child so when they’re not working they’re most likely spending their every waking minute fighting for schools, insurance coverage and experienced care providers for their special needs child,” says single Mom, Lori Schulman, and owner of the Phoenix, AZ-based Loden Group which develops programs for children with special needs like; autism, behavioral and developmental issues.And the best part, you get to go out and have a great evening and it doesn’t cost a thing!” Make a daily schedule and do your best to stick to it.Here are some of Schulman’s suggestions: Network with other single parents who have kids with special needs.

“Join a babysitter club which is a new trend among single parents,” says Schulman.“This situation presents the perfect set of circumstances to cause single Moms to completely burn out.” According to Schulman, single Moms face a myriad of challenges in their journey to parent a special needs child.Most are simply working at a breakneck pace just so they can afford child care and their children’s therapies.“Single Moms often lose their friends, since they usually can’t partake in playdates with other families,” says Schulman.“It’s often hard to find baby sitters who will watch kids with special needs for regular rates. Raising children with special needs challenges even the strongest marriage. Make no mistake about it, caring for a special needs child is sometimes stressful beyond belief.