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These are not planned relocations led by governments or supported by international climate funds, but are ad hoc relocations using their own limited resources.

The customary land tenure (native title) system in Solomon Islands has provided a safety net for these displaced communities.

Queen Elizabeth II is the British monarchy head of state.

The Solomon Islands earned independence from Britain in 1978.

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In addition to these village relocations, Taro, the capital of Choiseul Province, is set to become the first provincial capital in the world to relocate residents and services in response to the impact of sea level rise.

Interactions between sea level rise, waves and the large range of responses observed in Solomon Islands — from total island loss to relative stability — shows the importance of integrating local assessments with traditional knowledge when planning for sea level rise and climate change.A 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck the South Pacific's Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea on Sunday but no injuries were reported. The quake, which was 25 miles northwest of Panguna, hit at a.m.The quake, which had a depth of over 84 miles, was centered on Bougainville Island, an island of approximately 175,000 people, which is geographically part of the Solomon Islands chain but is not part of island's government, the U. Two hours later, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center canceled tsunami threats for Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Two smaller quakes -- measuring 5.6 and 4.6 -- struck nearby shortly afterward, USGS said.Many areas will experience long-term rates of sea level rise similar to that already experienced in Solomon Islands, but the very lowest emission scenarios.Natural variations and geological movements will be superimposed on these higher rates of global average sea level rise, resulting in periods when local rates of rise will be substantially larger than that recently observed in Solomon Islands.In these cases, communities of 100-200 people have fragmented into handfuls of tiny family hamlets.