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The 2006 Series honored the towns of Torzhok, Kargopol and Belograd.

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In 2006 coins were issued for the Regions of Chita, Sakhalin, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Republic of Altari and the Maritime Region. Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Khakasia, Lipetsk Region, Novosibirsk Region and Rostov region.

The 2008 regions coins honors Astrakhan Region, Kabaradan-Balkar Republic, Svedolovsk Region and Udmurt Region.

The 2008 Historic towns are Azov, Prioziorsk, Smolensk and Vladimir.

The 2009 series includes the towns of Galich, Kaluga, Veliky Novogorod and Vyborg.

The 2011 regions coins honor Republic of Butyatiya and Voronezh Region.

No coins in the regions series were issued in 2012. One for the Republic of Dagestan and the other for the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

The 10 Rubles is struck in brass-plated steel and includes a shifting image within the “0” of the numeral 10 that change from “10” to “РУБ” (RUB) as the angle of the coin is changed. The coins picture the city and its arms on one side and has the standard Russian 10 Ruble obverse on the other. It honored the towns Kostroma, Starya Russa and Derbent.

The 2003 series consists of 4 coins, commemorating the historic cities of Kasimov, Dorogobuzh, Murmom and Pskov.

The 2010 series includes two coins, depicting the historic towns of of Bryansk and Yuryevets.

The 2011 set includes only two coins, featuring the towns of Yelets and Solikamsk.

These coins bearing the new arms were struck only that one year and in 1961 they were withdrawn from circulation. The coup failed and the communist party was banned. Instead the coins features the Kremlin tower and the dome of the Parlement building. The set includes the bi-metallic 10 Rubles, the copper-nickel 50 Kopecks, 1 and 5 Rubles and the copper-clad steel 10 Kopecks in Uncirculated condition.