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Thus no family is formed and no children are born; as a result no family is formed on a basis of peace and tranquillity.All of that is rejected in Islam which forbids it in a way that leaves no room for differences of opinion.Will they think ill of me as a bad woman who has two kids and go out with men?

And it is not permissible for a chaste woman to marry a man who commits fornication unless he repents sincerely, as we have explained in the answer to question no. As the relationship between you has not gone as far as fornication or adultery as you say, praise be to Allah, then there is no reason why he should not marry you, as we have explained in the answer to question no. Thirdly: With regard to the Muslim man’s family, they may accept their son marrying a Christian woman who has children.

If they refuse, that is not because it is something that is forbidden in Islam; rather it may be for cultural reasons, or perhaps because they think that their son is not able to fulfil the rights of that wife and take care of her children.

All of that means that Islam regards woman as a respectable being, not something that is easily obtained, so that she will not be treated carelessly and looked down upon.

What we see in the world of promiscuity is that a man tries to get a woman he likes in order to have his way with her, then he throws her aside so that he can look for another who is more beautiful than her, and so on; and he moves from one prey to another, one girlfriend to another.

This confirms what we have said, that woman is not a cheap product.

But we do not approve of your going out with him and what happened between you of being alone together and kissing.

I was kissing him out of love but didn't fall in adultery. Firstly: Allah created men and women and created in each of them attraction towards the other as part of their nature, which no one can deny.

Please deliver an advice that can show me the right way. Islam pays attention to that and regulates the relationship between the two, which is restricted to marriage; Islam forbids any other kind of relationship which is unacceptable to sound human nature and proper thinking.

But they cannot accept their son having a girlfriend with whom he spends time alone or travels with her; if they accept that, then they are undoubtedly going against Islamic teachings.

The issue of whether or not his family will accept that is a social issue, not a religious ruling.

If you think that this is something normal in your view, that is not the case for us.