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A first date is a nerve-wracking situation, be it a boy or girl.

But unfortunately, as girls, we face a lot more scrutiny about the way we look, and it sometimes dictates how the date goes. While we're trying and hoping that this paradigm shifts in the future, for now we spoke to girls from Mumbai and Delhi, to see what is their idea of first date dressing. It depends on one's personality and style, and secondly, the way we wish to project ourselves.

But work had to be a pain in the you-know-what, extending beyond my budgeted time.

She instantly agreed to come out with me (: D) and we exchanged a few more emails. To be honest, I hadn’t been to this place before and the menu looked overpriced.

Now when I read those mails after over a month, I can’t imagine why she agreed to say yes. But trustworthy sources had assured me that the place serves good food and has really good service. I was in Bandra for some work in the morning and I had just assumed that I’d be done early.

Hosted by a popular South Mumbai couple at their high-ceilinged, art deco Cuffe Parade apartment, it drew the city’s juiciest slice: bankers, industrialists, businessmen in their Sunday standard-issue gear (floral-patterned shirts, chinos, espadrilles, cigars) accompanied by their wives in summer dresses, their weekend cheer heightened by the Sangria in their hand and the clip-on flower in their hair.

“There was a decided bonhomie in the air," recalls a guest, a female publisher of lavish coffee-table imprints.

Now I have always harboured a prominent distaste for sangria. There is very little fruit and the alcohol is not just plain wine but a nice cocktail (with some vodka, I’m told. Maybe great on the phone, but increasingly boring when in person. I am willingly sharing stories about what happened in college and with previous dates. In the meantime we’ve made a plan to meet in the evening again, even if it means that I have to crash her meeting with a friend.

She is highly amused by the number of women I’ve dated. The time in the evening is far more fun and intimate.Should you use that pick up line you’ve always wanted to use?Should you compliment her or would that be too desperate?While this look may come off as fairly safe, it doesn't mean it does not make impact, or isn't well thought out.We are sure there are women in Mumbai who dress much fancier on first dates as well, with their dresses, heels, killer accessories, and bright make-up. Each of these looks tell a lot about the person, or what they want to project.And there are some who really put themselves out there, to see how their date reacts.