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Here, in the garden-form of the Holy of Holies, Jesus presented His blood to the Father (see Leviticus 16 for a full exposition).This means that the garden-tomb was located on the Mount of Olives (John ).

It cannot have been the darkening of the sun that shocked the centurion, for that had been going on for three hours.

And it could not have been Jesus’ death, because that was an expected event, hardly unusual in the case of crucifixion.

Even as His foot was bruised, He was crushing the giant’s head!

This was at a place right outside Jerusalem, and likely on the Mount of Olives. Now, while Jesus was being crucified, the veil of the Temple was ripped in half from the top to the bottom.

Golgotha is just a contraction of Goliath of Gath (Hebrew: Goliath-Gath).

1 Samuel says that David took the head of Goliath to Jerusalem, but since Jerusalem was to be a holy city, this dead corpse would not have been set up inside the city, but someplace outside.Thus, the statement seems to mean that Jesus was crucified near to the Temple, in some relation to it, and not in some random spot around Jerusalem somewhere.Indeed, several passages in the Bible indicate that Jesus was crucified to a living tree, which in this case would be an olive tree (Acts ; ; ; Galatians ; 1 Peter ).Similarly, the Olive-veil before the City would be split, so to speak, so that God’s energy could flow out into the whole world.In conclusion, the reference to the Church as an Olive Tree, rather than as some other kind of tree, tells us that the Church is positioned in the Temple of God, in the Holy of Holies, and is impregnated with the oil of the Spirit.And when Mary Magdalene thought Jesus was the gardener of this olive orchard, she was certainly right, for He is the New Adam of the New Garden, the Bride (John ).