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Even the video clips are un-intimate with a theme that mimics a Disney Movie.

Individuals from poor family’s may not have the resources to buy these dowry’s.

Young Adults eager for love cannot necessarily afford the expenses.

There are no outlets for Middle Eastern individuals to get educated on love and more specifically sex except for what is portrayed in love songs.

In the United States there are more available outlets but shunned by traditional families.

Some information about sex is described to young adults prior to marriage by close family members.

Progressive Arab countries such as Lebanon are beginning to provide programs directed in sexual education for all orientations but the large majority of arab nations in the middle-east are uneducated in sexual matters.

In each in every way the connection is made, the relationship must remain a secret.

Secretly dating does occur in the Middle-East and between arabs in America.

Anyone caught engaging in these acts in the middle east may face criminal charges and suffer damage to his or her reputation.

The females reputation is tarnished much more so than the males, which is why females are reluctant to dating. Also when individuals do date, their love is only a means of communication of words which satisfy their lust temporarily.

Normally, the parents relationship will describe to young adults the details of how a relationship evolves.