Dating in so cal dating game album

A total uneducated, brain dead surfer, or jock with a small time job maybe, but that's it.

I suggest changing your profile to be more appealing and then break the news to guy on the first date or second and he if likes you he may make exceptions.

Give me a break, not even remotely close to everyone in OC is stuckup.

If you go party in Newport you will meet alot of rich stuckup people, if you go party in Fullerton or Anaheim or any # of other cities, you will meet a vast majority of everyday people, but you will still meet stuckup people.

Here it is:'Ellen is an absolute joy to spend time with as a friend.

Not only smart and funny, she’s always smiling, upbeat and positive…and to be honest I’m rather envious of those amazing Californian teeth.

She likes the finer things in life (come on, who doesn’t!

) and has travelled the world extensively both for business and pleasure.

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It seems that all the guys in my area that I am even remotely interested in or have half of a brain are not interested in me..

Of what I've seen in my visits to OC/LA area is that many not all seem to have that "fakeness" to their personality - so perhaps this is part of the problem.

Ok, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that I think it has to do with the guys you choose, or find attractive.

Having spent the last few years hiking around the canyons of Laguna, she’s super fit and didn’t complain once when I dragged her off cycling through central London to The Gun in Docklands – a round trip of some 27 miles – and let’s not forget this was on the wrong side of the road!