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I am looking for a SSBBW or Feedee (if you dont know what this is google feederism and if you have to google it you won't like it lol) in all honesty if you are under 250lbs don't bother contacting me I will be honest, I am looking for a SSBBW. I have been interested in the idea of a feeder/feedee relationship for some time and I am looking for a special someone to share that kink Flowerfield Illinois Mc Stuffer69 40 Man Seeking Women I'm looking for a lady to share my joys of food with.I love to enjoy food - good food - snack food - junk food - healthy food - and the food you'd only touch if you wanted to sit around stuffing wat Portland Maine gainerboybellyrubs 35 Man Seeking Women First off, my interests mainly lay within the 'larger side' of life.

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I am bmxer, hope to be a film editor one day or sponsored. Music averages between rap, electronic, metal, deathcore post hard core etc Nature walks ar Opotiki Bay of Plenty steveoo1995 22 Man Seeking Women Hi my name is Jason. When I'm not working out, i'm ussually hanging out with my bros relaxin and drinking some beer at the bar scene.But thats not all thats too me, i Macomb Illinois jason1138_ 26 Man Seeking Women Single virgin homemaker Liking learning japanese, anime The daily show and describes me as Independent compassionate Social democratic fiscal conservative.When I was done studying, I was 240 pounds and struggling to find a job so he came over to console me. We decided to embrace his fetish and by then I had come to enjoy it as well.We found fat fetish sites and he decided to become an 'official' feeder.are individuals who claim to become sexually aroused by eating, being fed, and the idea or act of gaining weight. This report describes a woman who self-identified as a Feedee.

It is unclear, at present, whether female Feederism represents a unique paraphilia or a thematic variation of morphophilia or sexual masochism.Every day he comes upstairs to clean me and feed me three times a day. I use a bucket for peeing and a hole in the bed for pooping. One time I'm sure I just about saw him lead another girl into the spare bedroom. Being alone all the time with only the Internet for company can get maddening. Contact someone else you know like a family member or friend if you cannot get out of there alone.Between each meal he fills me up with a weight gain liquid at least once. Once you get out you need to loose weight i dont mean become skinny but just loose enough so that your mobile again and are able to do things for yourself without assitance of others.He told me he'd start making sure I lost weight but he instead stated feeding me more.I hated it but loved it so much I couldn't protest.He first force-fed me through a tube a while after my 17th, and that was a great experience.