Dating excuses

Someone who gives you this line is either too lazy to come up with a legitimate reason or too much of a coward to be honest. According to Lieberman, this is yet another commonplace excuse guys give you instead of telling you the truth. Kim* who just graduated from The College of William & Mary, describes a relationship she had: “He was moving a bit fast in the beginning, but I slowed things down because I didn't want to rush into anything,” she says.Although he may very well still be hung up on his ex, if he liked you enough, this wouldn’t be a problem. “And then a month after we became official, he broke it off with the excuse: 'I thought I was ready, but I realized I'm actually not ready to have a girlfriend.'" Talk about ironic!

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However, Smith has a different approach to this situation.

“The translation is that he may or may not want to be in a relationship right now…

“When your guy utters this line, believe him the first time! “Let his mother mother him.” Is this the biggest breakup paradox or what?

“This guy dumped me twice because he (ironically) didn’t want me to get hurt,” says Hayley Brunk, a junior at Tiffin University.

You are not right for him and this is easier to say than, “I don’t like you.” Shira Kipnees, a senior at Franklin & Marshall College, knows this bogus one-liner all too well.

When her ex-boyfriend broke up with her (over Skype!

You're in a relationship, and it's finally working out. until he breaks up with you because “your lives are going in different directions” or you're just “so much more mature” than him. His meaningless excuse sounds like it came straight out of a bad rom-com, and it leaves you stranded and confused.

Everyone struggles with breaking up, but some guys think the solution is to give us a bogus excuse for it – maybe to avoid hurting us or just because they don't have the courage to tell us the truth.

That’s why we put together the worst breakup lines collegiettes have ever heard and asked experts what these excuses truly mean and how to deal with them.

This is probably the most overused and clichéd excuse in the history of dating. D., psychiatrist and author of , “this is supposed to hurt the girl's feelings less, but it's just a way for the guy to feel less guilty.” Worse yet, Jodi R. Smith, president and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, says, “Of course it is you.

he just would rather be single than be with you,” she explains.