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Parents of teens with learning and attention issues may be particularly concerned about dating.

Please fill out our Enrollment Form so we may provide you with the utmost service.Please take advantage of our special enrollment credit.With the right guidance and boundaries, dating can be a wonderful new experience.Here are some common ground rules you may want to bring to the table.You may be happy to see your child begin to form meaningful bonds.

But it’s natural to worry that adolescents will try to grow up too fast or might not understand what they’re getting into.This shows you value his input, which can help keep the lines of communication open so that your child feels comfortable turning to you when dating questions or concerns arise.The process of coming up with the rules can also help your child understand your concerns.You may also want to include a rule that dates can’t come over unless you or another adult is at home. Here’s why: It’s hard for any teen to resist the heat of the moment.But it may be harder for kids who sometimes have trouble with self-control or with picking up on social cues.Don’t assume that if you hint at something, your child will catch the whole meaning.