Dating buck 110 knives

These are the hardest to find, and the most valuable. The early production knives are very different from those made today, so this area can really be divided into sub-categories. Below a Camillus "Yellow Jacket" Trapper and Buck Yellow Trapper. Most of the knives made by Buck that can be listed under this category have etched blades, but there are a few that have custom handles only.Many of them were sold by mail, so they can be found almost anywhere. The 1973 to 1985 production knives bear a model number as well as the BUCK and the U. The majority of the pieces in this division are serialized.This is a dual approach collection because it appeals to those interested in Indian art as well as knives.

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Buck & Son in 1947 in partnership with his son Al, the Buck Knife Co. Distinct markings on the blade can help owners easily discern the age of their Buck knife.

If your Buck Knife is manufactured after 1986, match the symbol next to the model number inscribed at the base of the knife blade to the corresponding symbol on the dating system chart.

Can you imagine how many of the more than twenty different variations of the 110 are out there?

A collector starting out today really has a choice.

Before 1981, the specially heat treated stainless steel used was 440C, from 1981 to 1992 it was 425M, and after 1993 Buck has used 420HC stainless steel.

Its design is one of the most imitated knife patterns in the world.Some of the art scenes were done in such limited numbers that only an avid collector would pursue finding them.This field of collecting was hampered because not one informative article had ever been published on the old knives or the limited editions.Some of them, particularly the earlier ones, have a tang stamp that says BUCK CUSTOM, but they definitely belong in the Limited Edition category.They are separate and distinct from the knives made in the custom shop. Today, the blades are designated on the back as "Designer's Choice." Not included in this category are the knives by Dave Yellowhorse and the Harley-Davidson knives because they stand in categories all by themselves.Additionally Buck has worked with many commissions to produce art knives for state anniversaries (Texas Sesquicentennial), state agencies (West Virginia State Police), commemorations (Battle Iowa) or celebrations (Apple Harvest Festival).