Dating acroos class lines

However, he also considered himself atypical for someone with his background.

His background was blue collar, but his presentation was white-collar.

I’m somewhere between the second and third options — I just clicked the “x” on a profile of a man who couldn’t be bothered to put a space after any of his commas, and I also messaged a man with “only” a two-year college degree.Heather Denkmire is a writer and artist who lives in Portland with her two young daughters.He also married a woman from the white-collar world and described the challenges that created.The result for him was feeling out of place in both worlds. When I scroll through dating profiles, I now see how my litmus tests are not benign.They put aside class differences, and message me enthusiastically.

It doesn’t matter though, because, for me those differences hold quite a bit of weight.She also claims her lack of interest in a man with a blue-collar background wasn’t because of he was blue-collar, it was because of his priorities in life. We find ways to explain away our social class prejudices.Honestly recognizing our uglier tendencies leaves us with only three choices: we can deny reality; accept that we are closed-minded and continue adding to the segregation of socioeconomic classes; or, find ways to change.Because of this, I find myself losing hope that the various socioeconomic classes will ever really know each other when it comes to romantic intimate relationships.Dating — and online dating in particular — consists almost exclusively of what sociologists call “ assortative mating.” That is, we tend to seek mates who are familiar to us in background, appearance, and even in size.(Our relationship didn’t work out for issues unrelated to socioeconomic class.) So, I’ll consider a blue-collar man if he “passes” in some ways as a white-collar man.