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[I had one of the Artist amps that was similar in design with some of the same features.]There was a period (somewhere in the '80s) where the date was coded on the serial number plate.

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I'm not sure about the Festival model, but I know the one called the Deuce was out in the late 70's before the VT.

The orignal Deuce with the chrome knobs and stick on black centers had a Tremolo circuit whereas the the later VT had a phase shifter ala the old Session 500.

YOURS SHOULD BE A [EARLY TO LATE 70'S.] 1977 BY THE INFO YOU HAVE POSTED FRON THE TRANSFORMERS. I'm currently running it through my roommate's cab, which is average quality; I have a 16ohm Marshall 1960a w/ Celestion G12-65s, but the MM only runs at 4 or 8ohms.

CHECK FOR DATE CODES ON THE FILTER CAPS AND THE POTS, THAT WILL PUT YOU IN A FEW WEEK BALLPARK OF IT'S BIRTHDAY. I'm either gonna re-wire my cab to run at 4ohms or buy another 16ohm cab, and have a full stack running at 8ohms.

What if I had two 16ohm cabs hooked up that same way? My other question is about the first channel on the amp.

When I have the Volume at 10, it has a great natural overdrive/distortion sound, but it is much softer than if I put the master volume to 10 on the 2nd channel. Can anyone tell me what year it is by the tranny codes: OT:6-56EIA 606-744PT:1-37It says Music Man 210 and Sixty-five on the logo on the front; I'd assume it's a 65 watt amp. It was super clean with the master volume up and volume tweaked to taste. It's a Music Man 210 without speakers and am looking for some advice. It kicked serious butt too and was the loudest 65 watt amp I have ever heard.THESE ARE THE BEST SOUNDING ONES THAT MUSIC MAN MADE I. WHEN MUSIC MAN WENT TO THE SOLID STATE TRANSISTOR DRIVE [CLASS B ] THE MADE ALOT OF POWER AND WERE VERY CLEAN AND LOUD, BUT LOST THAT TUBE GRIND THEY HAD WITH THE FIRST SERIES. I was looking at a picture of the non-reverb, and the first channel has midrange knob that isn't on the reverbs; the 2nd channel seems to be the same, except for the FXs. It isn't as loud as the 2nd channel, but the natural overdrive when the volume's on 10 is amazing.THAT IS WHAT STARTED HURTING THIER SALES FROM INFO I HAVE. It would benefit with that midrange knob, but I found that lowering the pickup tone knob (on the guitar) to halfway tames the mids. It is somewhat different than the Duece I had back in 82. It has tremelo and the newer one didn't, it had phase shift I think.