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Allen screws at the neck/pot junction and a tube connecting rod (not shown) are design features from the 1960`s in Boston .Over a period of several years, the Vega line morphed into a uniquely featured Vega Martin instrument.I was able to to find a luthier who worked some magic on the nut and the problem was solved. He used an old growth piece of mahogany, the original fingerboard, binding and truss rod and carved a very 59ish profile.

The work cost around 00 which, when you’re talking about a dot neck isn’t so much, really.especially when it goes from being a great sounding busted 61 with a so-so neck to being a great sounding intact 61 with a custom neck profile.It had two holes drilled in the top, all the wrong parts, a heavily shaved neck and two repaired headstock breaks.The finish was in very good shape though and the wood was quite stunning. It was, after all, an original finish blonde 345 and they only made 50 of them. We will use the original fingerboard, bindings and truss rod and hopefully the headstock overlay. What makes me OK with doing this is that as long as the luthier can get the good old wood, I don’t really care if the neck was made by a skilled factory worker in 1959 or an accomplished luthier in 2017.I was told it was a 65 but in 20/20 hindsight, I think it was a 68-no headstock inlay to tip me off and I didn’t notice whether the f-holes were big or small.

I wrote to the repair folks at Gibson and they told me that there weren’t any necks that would fit a 65/68 except for the recently released necks from the Eric Clapton “Crossroads” reissue.

Not long after the work was done, the guitar was offered back to me and I remembered what a great sounding guitar it was. If the seller hadn’t disclosed the reneck, I don’t think anyone would have known-not even me. The purists scoffed at it but the logic was pretty sound.

You were basically getting a player grade 61 with a 59 neck.

These data were generously provided to the BRC founder in 2000 by the family owned Martin Guitar department of history.

From its early Boston beginnings, the Vega Banjo Company made splendid and now vintage instruments, including the Earl Scruggs signature model he endorsed in the 1960′s.

The only way to get a big 59 neck is to buy a 59 (or a 58) and that would set you back K or so even for a player grade.