Damaged women dating

Some have had serious issues such as sexual abuse from a father and this recent ex-fiancé had an absent father who occasionally contacted her (from what I understand, occasionally drunk dialed her and rarely showed up for visits).

My brother seems to be in a pattern of “saving” emotionally damaged women.

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Notwithstanding, the man vehemently insists that he has no feelings for you.

Yet, your intuition tells you that, much like Justin Bieber in a rented Lamborghini, he's riding dirty.

One Saturday at a.m., you will receive a friend request from a Roy Watson. Watson lives in A Random Town in the Midwest about three Jet Blue stopovers away from you.

His Facebook "friends" consist of a Sylvester Stallone tribute page, and your three closest male friends, two of whose pages he has creepily "subscribed" to. In his twisted cognition, your purpose is to sit there and wait until he is damn good and ready to present you with his 4x4 Star Wars themed Valentine's Day Card. He holds it next to his chest like a tattered teddy bear.

When you finally do arrive, he grabs the mail key and runs outside to the mailbox, full well knowing that it is only AM, and the mail never arrives before AM. He would never be so bold as to demand information from you, as he does not wish to appear as psychotic as he really is.

He accosts you in the parking lot, where he laments the postman’s tardiness and follows you into the building while inhaling your perfume. To that end, he will casually glance at the notifications on your Android, albeit under the guise of looking at your nifty and useful apps, one of which he may potentially download.The emotionally handicapped man is hypersensitive to any form of rejection, whether perceived or real. Your fantasies of the two of you honeymooning on Bora Bora are rudely interrupted by his most surprising proclamation.You're not sure whether to slap him on his red, sweaty face, or to continue fantasizing about the private hut on Bora Bora. You’re the Jane to his Tarzan, and woe to the poor soul that dares tries to disturb this primitive pair bonding.A few days later, you gently and lovingly remind him of the task. The repressed, non-committal masochist is often quite adept at the art of conversation. However, beneath the thin veneer of diplomacy lies a calculated intention – to keep you hopelessly ensnared in his energy field. A long, awkward silence ensues as he eagerly waits for you to extrapolate on your dalliances with Darius.To that end, he will casually and inconspicuously drop tiny seeds of hope in your already confused mind, which seeds he knows will germinate into oak trees of rumination and analysis. You refuse to take the bait, and he begins rattling off questions like an un-medicated kid with ADHD and a paintball gun.The internet is replete with articles purporting to offer sage advice as to whether that chap you've been eyeing is "into you".