Cost of dating services

Though a rate may be advertised as, say, .99 for six months, it is often billed in one lump sum.Read the fine print to be careful that you’re not signing yourself up for a plan that automatically renews itself.But surfing for love is more than time-consuming; with membership fees at hundreds of dollars per year, it can get expensive!

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For example, 3 months at is .99 per month so the total for the 3 month plan ends up costing .97. The services I include in my Recommended section are those that I feel could lead to a success (in other words, the creation of a serious relationship).I do believe that the specialized dating services (niche sites) also lead to success but I can’t recommend them universally as they are specialized toward specific individuals.Below is a chart listing online dating site prices.This table has been created to be used as a reference and to give singles an idea of how much each dating service might cost.Young, successful professionals may be tempted to tackle online dating with as much attention to detail as they’ve tackled their careers.

Some splurge on professional photos and new confidence-building outfits for all the first dates, but we recommend you start with some quick math.If you decide to use a cheaper service it may mean fewer members or less features but this isn’t always a problem.A site like Catholic Match has less members but the members it does have are exactly what its users are looking for. All prices are broken down by what you would pay per month.According to the plan, if you don’t find someone special in that time, you’ll get another six months free.Doing so would bring the yearly cost of the .99 plan down from 1.88 to 5.94.If you’re really looking for a serious relationship, however, consider that those people who are paying for a service are perhaps more likely to be willing to establish a long-term monogamous relationship.