Consolidating pst files outlook 2016

In Exchange 2016, you will download then install the Hybrid Configuration Wizard.

It is more reliable and stable protocol at the Transport layer of the OSI model which can find higher level transport errors and enhance recovery.

One of the best feature of this protocol is that it can pause and resume the outlook connection which allows outlook to change networks and resume from hibernation.

If you are editing attachment, then user should have an Office client license.

Transport pipeline: In Exchange 2016 the transport pipeline has several different services: The Front End Transport service, the Transport service, and the Mailbox Transport service.

Improved DLP in Exchange 2016 we can now identify, monitor, and protect 80 different types of sensitive information.

Sensitive information types inventory can be checked In Exchange 2016 we get an optional application called Microsoft Rights Management connector (RMS connector) which helps you enhance data protection by connecting to cloud-based Microsoft Rights Management services.Exchange 2016 supports Active Directory Authentication Library authentication model in outlook clients on Windows and other OS.ADAL will enable 2 factor authentication which helps in securing the data for many security organizations. MAPI over HTTP is the default protocol in Exchange 2016 which outlook uses to connect and communicate with Exchange server.You will also see the certification expiry notification in EAC as well.HCW: The Hybrid Configuration Wizard which was included in Exchange 2013 is has become a cloud-based application.Safety Net introduces the concept of the Primary Safety Net and the Shadow Safety Net.