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For example, if one company file has an account with name 'Accounts Receivable' of type Accounts Receivable, the second company cannot have an account name with the name 'Accounts Receivable' of another type.

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Well, with the Data Transfer Utility by Karl Irvin (see below), I can now do this, or at least most of it.At the recent Quick Books Consultant's Conference, we awarded our first 11 winners in the Awesome Add-on category.Do you need to merge two or more Quickbooks company files into a single company file?We offer an industry-standard solution to combine data from multiple company files into a single company file. We can additionally add classes to all transactions in each company file which can be used for reporting purposes.Awesome Add-ons make consultants richer (or less poor).

These add-ons often automate processes that have been done manually in the past, thus saving time and money.

Here is the list along with a brief description of each product.

QDA QDA Systems, QDA automates the data file analysis engagement.

I think they have a great product that significantly improves the lives of accountants, whether or not they use Quick Books, so I joined the company.

RAS Remote Accounting Solutions add-on provides fast, secure data transfer service between client and consultant. Data Transfer Utility Q2Q ' Karl Irvin Data Transfer Utility allows Quick Books users to transfer (merge) list and transaction data from one Quick Books file to another Quick Books file.

QDA automatically interrogates and tests the Quick Books data file, produces an editable report that details problems and their likely causes, and offers recommendations for correcting the problems.