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The court earlier heard that Ting dismembered Wong's body, tossed her head in the sea and flushed some of her remains down a toilet in April last year.Ting's lawyer, Finny Chan Fei-nai, told the court at a previous hearing that Ting claimed he had consumed drugs the previous night and that morning, and had passed out before finding Wong dead on the afternoon of April 27.Rose Chan stars as Tiffany, your average tall-and-leggy Hong Kong girl whos in need of cash to support her meager student lifestyle.

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Stronger direction might have reined in Rose Chans undisciplined acting, and reduced the voiceover and eye-rolling metaphorical dialogue.

Storytelling and pace could also have been improved; too often the film lets characters drone on endlessly with accompaniment from the intrusive music score.

Chui said it is dangerous to get involved in compensated-dating as the girls or young women may be led to unknown places by customers, with whom they are unfamiliar.

"They will not only ruin their own prospects, but may also lose their lives, as shown in this case," she said.

The drama in I Sell Love is easily recognized because youve seen it in a zillion other movies about prostitutes except maybe Pretty Woman.

Theres a solid base here, but Kevin Chu cant lift the drama beyond prosaic.The profession has its ups and downs (obviously), but her situation improves when shes assigned to be the regular escort of Cheung (Liu Kai-Chi), a politician who treats her well despite not being a communicative human being.However, Tiffany begins questioning her profession again when she meets Rex (Pakho Chow), whos nearer to her age than Cheung and generally-speaking much more attractive.Tiffanys shifting emotions are not rendered convincingly the film ably transmits her doubts, but her moments of satisfaction are not developed beyond a single montage.Shes given more complex emotions when paired with Cheung, but the focus on his issues is distracting and developed entirely through exposition by Liu Kai-Chi. Shes fine when asked to show silent emotion, but when reacting to other actors she has trouble keeping up.Well-meaning indie film about compensated dating that drones on and on before coming to an unremarkable end.