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One thing we must admit is that this is the first television show that represents a multitude of interracial relationships without even making everything revolve around interracial dating. And all she said was, “I think that issues of race are a larger conversation that people project on a relationship, but for the two people in it, that’s not the primary thing on their minds.” I totally agree with her.

If you ask people in interracial relationships, you will come to realize that they rarely discuss race because it’s not the biggest difference between them.

We still can't sit next to each other on the couch on game day.

He watches movies with the lights on; I like complete darkness.

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t, and this world of ours is anything but perfect.

The stares from people who don’t approve of interracial dating will always fall on every passing interracial couple.In a perfect world, it wouldn't, but we don't live in a perfect world.When we visited a church in Savannah, GA, an older white man one pew up spent the entire sermon with his head twisted around, staring at us.Whether they were Black or white, men who claimed not to notice race were more likely to prefer white women's profiles over Black women's.Overall, men rated profiles featuring women of their own race higher.So, maybe paying attention to someone's race isn't such a bad thing.