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Her messages were bolder and more flirtatious than I would have put together and were full of grammatical errors.

She reminded me of the girls from my sorority days, who mastered the art of making a man feel desired.

They always seemed to get the guy but were unhappy once they got him, finding that he lacked long-term boyfriend skills.

She called me on my cell phone and quizzed me to assess my commitment to love (How long since my last relationship? She said no, I sounded quite open to love and she would be happy to work with me.

She asked me to read a few select dating books before our next talk.

Your parents might, too, if he/she coaches the right team. Coaches know their sport inside-out and are adaptable and able to change strategies on the spot. That specific attention will likely extend to your date’s non-athlete relationships, too. He/she will empathize with your desire to set and achieve goals.

If you’re dating someone with one, your date is likely well respected and very good at his/her job. Your sports-loving friends and siblings will approve. They have a passion for what they do and are willing to put in the work to be the best. Coaches understand that every individual comes with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. If your last date sabotaged your efforts at the gym, this one won’t. Coaches are good motivators, inspiring others to be their best. Coaches are mentors, leading by example and keeping their athletes’ best interests at heart. If you’ve got a problem, a coach can help you find a solution to it. She nodded her head and said, “Well, now it's time for you to give me a compliment.” It was unclear if she was still in character or if the coach herself wanted me to tell her something nice.I fumbled for something to say that was genuine and noted that her earrings were beautiful.In a moment of frustration and loneliness, I Googled dating help. Her headlines targeted my insecurities: “Do you have a dateless calendar? Perhaps she had a gift for helping people through this, I thought. I told her that I didn’t prioritize meeting men given my work schedule and that it had been over a year since my last boyfriend.