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Katie Mc Bride-Katie is a young Irish lass with fiery hair and a fiery attitude to match, Katie is rather proud of her Irish heritage, and dresses accordingly. Katie is a werecat, cursed to transform into a catlike form every night of a full moon, and the two nights surrounding it.

In this form, she has increased strength, speed, reflexes, jumping ability, and larger breasts.

Unfortunately, Cassie is also a very jealous girl, and when she sees someone achieving those goals easier than her, she tends to get almost resentful.

Because of this, she has given it to her best friend, Katie Mc Bride, so that she can keep her mind as a werecat.Both Wolfie and Katie have discovered Anne's secret and are respectfully keeping it.He is more commonly known as "E" by his friends and family, as emphasized by the large letter "E" on his shirt.He was the first person Anne revealed her magic to, and has kept her secret well.Unlike most therianthropes, Wolfie has the ability to retain her human mind while she is in werewolf form. These ancestors used a magical heirloom amulet, to keep their human consciousness even during the three nights a month that they transformed.

Somehow, both the lycanthropy curse and the power of the amulet combined in the Wolf bloodline, meaning that Samantha does not need the amulet when she transforms.

And Missy ("Miss E") is the grown-up version of Lilly. Professor Sorgaz/Mingmei Wu-Mingmei Wu ("Ming" to her friends) is a Japanese foreign exchange student at Tandy Gardens High, as far as most students know.

In reality, she was once Professor Sorgaz, the school's economics teacher.

Xaos's efforts usually cause Anne's spells to misfire with even more catastrophic results, resulting in strange transformations (Jason frequently finds himself transformed into a girl, "Sonja," which he doesn't mind so much as long as he/she has red hair), and the appearance of mythical creatures on the school campus.

Meanwhile, the editor of the school newspaper, Ivan Bezdomny (the name of a character from Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita), is determined to find something interesting to put in the paper, which means that Anne and her friends have to try to prevent him from finding any evidence of her powers while at the same time trying to put right the latest disaster. She frequently transforms him into a little girl at his request, because he finds having the simple mind of a small child to be relaxing.

Samantha "Wolfie" Wolf-Wolfie is small, but sporty, almost tomboyish, and very athletic.