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When you're asked to make a poster, input some data, prepare a speech or presentation... Based on the research of Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher, determines the dominant and secondary personality types of potential mates to find you a compatible soul mate.

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Essentially you have found someone who is on the same 'wavelength' as you, and this will then mean that you are completely at ease and able to criticise and have a go at one another without worrying too much about hurting each others' feelings, or the other person not understanding the real intent behind what you are saying.As you share the same train of thought a lot of the time then this will mean that you are both laughing a lot and shooting each other down in a playful way.Going out with someone for a long enough period of time then is a quick way often to develop a connection and to more fully understand the person and so to get that kind of banter and understanding going.Likewise when you've known someone a very long time or lived together with them this can also help you to have a chemistry and a connection that's obvious for everyone from the outside.Factor 1: Self-Confidence This dimension was created to measure the extent to which an individual feel comfortable with him or herself.

The items in this dimension reflect elements of self-confidence in both private and public contexts.If you have chemistry with someone this will often be expressed as a kind of tension, and as a kind of mutual understanding and respect.You will find that you have no problem talking to the other person and feel at ease with them and that you can 'bounce off' of one another.At the same time though it might sometimes be misinterpreted as two people who are very angry at each other or who don't get on as they will be constantly criticising, bickering and nagging each other.If two people seem to be acting in some ways like an 'old married couple', yet nevertheless having a lot of fun with it, then this could well be two people who have a strong chemistry.To improve your odds of finding this then you should look at work, college or school as these are situations where you generally meet lots of people and get to interact with them.