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She plays a high-profile role as vice chair of the family’s global philanthropic foundation.

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Yet Chelsea remains in the public mind an appendage of her world-famous parents, always available to fulfill her duties as the consummate political daughter.

It’s as if she’s still the curly-haired teenager who walked hand in hand with her mom and dad across the White House lawn, literally and figuratively holding the family together, after Bill’s televised admission of bad behavior with Monica Lewinsky.

of the day—and not yet 11 in the morning—but already Chelsea Clinton looks tired: There’s a puffiness under her blue eyes and a heaviness to her smile.

Taking the stage at the Hillary for America headquarters in Milwaukee, she grabs a stool.

Chelsea was 18 years old and a freshman at Stanford when the scandal engulfed her father’s presidency.

The photos from the day after his mea culpa, August 18, 1998, are by far the most famous ever taken of her.

Will Trump only call on Putinzer Prize winning journalists from now on?

Did Trump really think for a moment that he could impose a time travel ban?

The leaks are real, but the news about the leaks are fake? Liberals, how do you convince yourselves that Islam is trying to take over the United States?

If you were to create a new political party, what would your party stand for?

She has a job in New York, she reminds him, and a family of her own. ) At a previous campaign stop, she says, someone asked whether she planned to move back into her old room in the East Wing.